Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, upto +2 level (Affiliation No: 2430175, School Code: 56136)

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Rabindra Utsav is held in the month of May. Our national poet is Rabindranath Tagore. He is the only poet in the world who composed the National Anthems of two countries i.e India and Bangladesh. He is also the first Asian to get the Nobel Prize in Literature. He believed in education amidst nature which we try to put in our curriculum.

Children are encouraged to perform dance sequences, dramas and recitation based on his works. They are encouraged to perform as per their capabilities which is actually true education where the children enjoy and remain happy. To quote –

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free…”

Aam Utsav is held in the month of June. Aam is the Bengali word of mango. The school is located in the mango belt where the mango orchards play a very important role in the economy of the district. The children are made to feel the importance of mangoes in the region where they live. They also learn about the varieties and health benefits of mangoes through PPTs and short documentaries. They also enact a typical mango fair with wholesale merchants, local shopkeepers, exporters and local buyers. Everybody wears a dress which is either yellow or green- the colours of mangoes.

Prakriti Utsav is in the month of July. It is basically to teach the children to become cautious and care for the environment. They also learn about the environmental hazards and how they can be controlled. Children plant saplings which are carefully nurtured by them with the help of the gardener throughout the year. The school campus is full of neem, mango, lemon etc. trees with which the children are closely associated. l.

Swadesh Utsav is held on 5th August to observe the Independence Day of India. Apart from march-past and flag hoisting, children participate in various competitions based on the theme of Indian Independence. They learn about the importance of independence and their duties as citizens of independent India..

Jantra Utsav is in the month of September. Children learn about the importance of machines in our day to day life and the need to take care of them. Interesting enactments and dance sequences make it a very special day for them..

Ananda Utsav in held in the month of November. It is perhaps the greatest of all the utsavs. It showcases the learning journey of the students in UMS Malda. It is in a form of a typical Indian fair based on various themes. There are specific areas for exhibition on different subjects of what the children has learnt in school- Science exhibition area, English exhibition area, vernacular exhibition area, SST exhibition area, EVS exhibition area & Mathematics exhibition area. Children exhibit their talents in preparing food and serving them, preparing handmade items, making rangoli designs etc. They also learn the art of entrepreneurship. The social, cultural, academic & sporting skills of the children are aptly exhibited in this utsavs to the parents and many other distinguished guests..

Bhoj Utsav is held in the month of December. It is a form of community eating where the children learn the art of cooperation while living in the society. Each child contributes a fistful of rice, a fistful of dal and a vegetable. The food is served by the senior students with great care and enthusiasm. Later the teachers serve the seniors..

Urja Utsav is held in the month of January. Here the four Houses – Minivet House (red), Monal House (blue), Iora House (green) & Oriole House (yellow)- compete with each other while exhibiting their sporting skills..

Basanta Utsav is held in the month of March with the advent of Spring which symbolizes a new beginning. For the children it is the end of the session being celebrated in a unique way so as to look forward for the new session with enthusiasm & eagerness. The girls wear yellow dresses with green or red border, and the boys wear yellow kurtas with white pyjamas. They play with natural colours. No artificial colours are allowed..