Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, upto +2 level (Affiliation No: 2430175, School Code: 56136)

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We believe in a fresh approach, openness of enquiry, breadth as well as depth of study, creativity in argument and invention, independence of mind, and ambition for real quality. Intellectual and cultural diversity develops our pupils’ sense of responsibility towards the wider community. One of our central approaches to education is to make learning real, so that it moves out of the confines of books and teaching aids and becomes relevant and interesting in the child’s real world. This is approached by starting from what they already know, and slowly guiding them towards their desired learning level.


We offer a dynamic environment where each student is challenged and encouraged to become a critical and compassionate thinker, a contributing member of the local and global community, showing respect and understanding for other cultures and acknowledging that others can be different and also right. The school pledges not to make its children apprehensive of their limitations. Instead we encourage them to discover their own potential and develop it.

How do we do teaching?

Our methodology is based on the belief that children build to ‘construct’ their knowledge of the world. This means that learning is not just a process of adults giving information to children; rather children become active learners- discovering things through direct experiences with people, objects, events and ideas.

Lesson Plans

We take pride in our integrative, yet customized lesson plans that guarantee high-quality curriculum delivery in every classroom. Apart from core academic theory, essential to build the child’s knowledge base, our lesson plans encourage the child to absorb and apply the knowledge to solve problems.

Activity-Based Learning

We strongly emphasize Activity-Based learning to enhance hands-on Concept building and to enable children to internalize concepts in Maths, Sciences and Languages. Aside from team-based activities in sports, we focus on interactive and collaborative learning in the classrooms.

Digital Classrooms

Our well-furnished digital classrooms are equipped with individual wall mounted LCD projectors with PC Connectivity for students to learn innovative yet enjoyable ways. By watching and listening to highly engaging visuals, animations and audio, students are able to quickly grasp difficult and abstract concepts.

BALA Techniques

BALA (Building As Learning Aid) is a revolutionary pedagogical tool that uses visual aids as effective teaching medium. Our school building and all that goes into it, such as floors, windows and doors are treated innovatively to simplify and accentuate the learning process. For example, numbered flights of stairs, door-angle protractors and fraction aids help our students to grasp difficult concepts quickly.

School Infrastructure
Co-curricular Activity