Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, upto +2 level (Affiliation No: 2430175, School Code: 56136)

For admissions, call:- 03512-263090, 9330994718, 9330994827

Mr. Subhankar Chatterjee
Usha Martin School, Malda

Welcome to Usha Martin School, Malda. I am the proud Principal of this wonderful school where the teachers, parents and the members of the management aim to nurture the educational, personal, social and cultural growth of our pupils. We teach our students to be part of humanity. They are made to realize that they belong to a civilized society and they must follow certain social norms while establishing themselves as successful individuals in the society. They are taught to respect their elders and love their younger ones. They are taught, through the integrated Lesson Plans, to take care of Mother Nature. I am sure that, in future, the school will be able to produce responsible citizens of the world.

Nowadays, it is the general trend to judge a child with the help of his Progress Review Report. This is not always correct. We should focus on making a child a good human being who will be polite, humble, kind-hearted, co-operative, disciplined and punctual. If these virtues are embedded in our children, they are surely going to achieve success in every sphere of life.For example, a child with all these virtues will surely do well in academics because he will be polite towards his teachers, humble enough to admit his mistakes to rectify them, kind-hearted towards his friends, co-operative in class, disciplined to sit for studying and punctual to complete his work. Later, he will also do well in his professional life because he will be polite towards his boss, humble to accept his shortfalls, kind-hearted towards those working under him, co-operative with his co-workers, disciplined to concentrate on his assignment and punctual to finish his work.

Hence, I strongly feel that a school is a place for all-round development of a child. The academics and the co-curricular activities should get equal importance. The school should be a beacon of light guiding the destiny of the students and nurturing them to confidently face the needs of an ever changing society. I am sure our students will be proud of their alma mater and keep the flag of Usha Martin School flying high.